Clifton's New Xyz

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Board i was riding in that photo a few days ago.. 6'8" x 20 x 2.5 xon makes most of my boards... he's a good shaper... get some

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  1. #1 capesurfer
    Re: Clifton's New Xyz
    you were riding that thing today on ~ *2nd street, ya? (first digit omitted for security)
  2. #2 ECsponger
    Re: Clifton's New Xyz
    A+ for the Yueng-dawgs
  3. #3 bigbuckilla
    Re: Clifton's New Xyz
    na... i was out on *2nd street, but not on that board... i was riding ted's ashton fish, he's injured..again... and im old/tired/sore/freezing cold = me surfing sub-par .. but its better than not surfing at all!