3-30-2010 Nj

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4-9-2010 NJ  3-30-2010 Nj  11-15-2009 NJ

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No takers!?!? 4:30PM

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  1. #1 NJ SPONGIN
    Re: 3-30-2010 Nj
    sick pic, you got a video?
  2. #2 ridewaves
    Re: 3-30-2010 Nj
    i shot for like a minute at a different location and got one guy shoulder hopping a wave. it was too rainy and i didn't want to risk getting my camera screwed up.
  3. #3 NJ SPONGIN
    Re: 3-30-2010 Nj
    True, i didnt think of the rain.