Cutback Action

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Pico Alto  Cutback Action  Throwing Buckets

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So much Fun

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  1. #1 beaner
    Re: Cutback Action
    where were ya guys in peru?
  2. #2 bbinnyc
    Re: Cutback Action
    South of Lima.....Punta Hermosa, Puerto Veijo, and Cerro Azul. Surfed multiple beach breaks, reefs, and points.
  3. #3 beaner
    Re: Cutback Action
    yeah, that's where we were as well...good times. made a couple of adventures up north as well (near huacho) and found a little wedge and fun point.
  4. #4 bbinnyc
    Re: Cutback Action
    Next time, not enough time. I am a teacher, so spring break this year only allowed me 7 full days of surfing. I so wanted to hit the North, my guide sid you need pumping south west swell that just wsn't in the forecast for my time window. Next summer is a possible 3-week trip with tge boys at www.peruecosurf.com.