Charleston Beaches

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Charleston Beaches  Charleston Beaches

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A clean small day a couple months ago

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  1. #1 ClemsonSurf
    Re: Charleston Beaches
    Picture taken by Chris @ www.byanymeansart.com
  2. #2 SouthjettyBill
    Re: Charleston Beaches
    Aww dude, are you from Charleston, SC........wow. I dig that place for some reason.....never been there but I would like to go......Not so much for the local area waves, but Charleston is a cool ****ing city. Jeez, I read Pat Conroy's \"South of Broad\" even..........dug that ****. You got history, southern charm and ghosts. Yo, how's the dope and rocks there? Yeah, I would like to go there in Novemeber. Dig out on the Charleston scene and hopefully score a couple bubs at The Washout place.........Yeah totally dude. Alright dude, good deal.......

    I used to be such a NE, New Jersey bastard.......but I'm kind of digging the south these days. Could I move in with you?