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  1. #1 NJ SPONGIN
    Re: Live.love.surf.
    Very true. Awesome Pic!
  2. #2 II ikey II
    Re: Live.love.surf.
    Sea view. Nice
  3. #3 LVl<E
    Re: Live.love.surf.
    who posted this? i took this that morning on my cell phone? not even kidding. gaskins. my spot. i took this after i finished surfing that morning. i had to make it back to school.
  4. #4 LVl<E
    Re: Live.love.surf.
    ohhh its james wilson isnt it hahaha. i sent that pic to you bc you were standing next to me but didnt have your phone hahhaa
  5. #5 njshackcitysuckas
    Re: Live.love.surf.
    gaskins is ill
  6. #6 mexsurfer
    Re: Live.love.surf.
    i cant surf gaskins anymore... the crowds/kooks have got way to bad this summer, and everyone gets in the way. But in the cold water, i love it!