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by Joel
11/16/09  Saturday  Deep

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Lets just say that Saturday's session ended in a less then ideal fashion.

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  1. #1 McBride
    Re: Saturday
    Thats terrible! At least you gave the park ranger something to do for once. How did you guys even get up there? They weren't letting people past Fred Hudson. Hope you scored before this shot!
  2. #2 freewax
    Re: Saturday
    did he check your cars for a park pass, ha ha.you boyz shouldn't be in the water, you may get hurt
  3. #3 jimbo_robinson
    Re: Saturday
    that a bunch of **** ****. you guys got big balls for going out though.... good ****
  4. #4 GnarSchlopSponge
    Re: Saturday
    agreed, thats so gay they made em leave