Stairway To Shred

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by mlp
Oc Nj Right Now 2/19/09 1:30pm  Stairway To Shred  2 12 09 De / Oc

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  1. #1 surferboi0911
    Re: Stairway To Shred
    love it!

    is it rodanthe?
  2. #2 chrisd468
    Re: Stairway To Shred
    beautiful shot. great idea!
  3. #3 steamfed
    Re: Stairway To Shred
    i think i would like this even more in color
  4. #4 MDSurfer
    Re: Stairway To Shred
    As always, a great shot Matt, but kind of a cheesey title, eh?
  5. #5 mlp
    Re: Stairway To Shred
    Haha! Yeaaaa I'm cheesy. Couldn't think of a catchy one when I posted. Hmm..can you help MD?

    RideHigh, it's a backlit, brown, ugly picture in color. Sorry mate.

    Wish there was someone out already to show size of that wave...wellll overhead. Taken on the same day as the BOTB contest.
  6. #6 MDSurfer
    Re: Stairway To Shred
    Hmmmm, offhand, I couldn't really say, but thank god you didn't opt for "Stairway to Heaven" or you would have been damned to hell for sure.
  7. #7 mlp
    Re: Stairway To Shred
    Yikes! That ''place'' sounds scary.

    There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan..
  8. #8 beaner
    Re: Stairway To Shred
    "one step at a time" ....eh i got nothing. i like cheese.
  9. #9 Ricky Data
    Re: Stairway To Shred
    Step up, drop in
    Stairs to the shack
  10. #10 freewax
    Re: Stairway To Shred
    nice shot, looks great in B&W
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