Super Outer Banks Bowl

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by Iceman
2/6/11  Super Outer Banks Bowl  We're Back

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Considering surf heights at the edge of the usual 1st jetty take off spot was 6 to 8 feet...one would visually conclude the 2nd and 3rd outer bars were firing much Super Bowl tow in height higher.

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  1. #1 ECboarder
    Re: Super Outer Banks Bowl
    it rarely breaks on the 2nd and third at the first groin. thats deffinnetly pushing 10 to 12 foot easy on the outer bar. what day was this?
  2. #2 Iceman
    Re: Super Outer Banks Bowl
    After climbing the 248 iron spiral stairs to the top, I took some shots of Hurricane Billís significant 15 to 17 second long period swells that stretched all the way to the OBX horizon. On this 8.22.09 day, Billís center was located around 150 nm west of Bermuda.

    As for heights...local surfers, and one in particular whoís been a long time surfing buddy and friend of mine since 1994 - Keith Andre - told me the 2nd and 3rd outer bars were breaking easily in the 15 foot range. And those guys, especially Keith, tend to be pretty surf height conservative when it comes to whatever it is that Iím higher thinking it is.

    Legend has it, and itís a true legend because a couple of local legend guys like Joey Crum and Brett Barley have been towed out and in to it, is that there's a 4th outer bar well beyond number 2 and 3. Keith informed me that Bill-day that it had to be at least 20 to 25 feet for it to break that far out. Ironically, shortly after he told me that, several super long lines broke well beyond the 2nd and 3rd bars. I did manage to get some shots of them breaking. Now...because I donít have an elephant camera lens gun like some, my shots really doesnít do the 20 to 25 foot breaking on the horizon justice. Then again, itís captured there to be legend seen. Maybe one of these photo days Iíll post it! And thanks for your Hatteras 1st jetty swell expert input!