Surfside Bob

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Karen swell SS  Surfside Bob  TS Karen 10-5-2013

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Karen SS Hurricane Swell

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    Karen swell in Surfside ,TX on 10/04/13 was truly epic surf. No wind hardly. The ocean went from bumpy 1-2ft slop at dawn to overhead by the afternoon. Working in the beach houses on the island, I watched the surf slowly rise and rise, from a fun long board day in the beach break , to outside bombs lightening up the coast. When I got off work and grabbed my board and paddled out, it took 30 minutes or so to punch through the big breakers on the 3rd sand bar. It was funny because Swellinfo.com mislead us in the forecast on Friday. They said it was 1-2ft. Which I am kinda glad, because all the Houstontonians would of been in the line up on Friday. But there was minimal surfers that got the memo. When I finally made it to the line up in front of the beach houses, and a set came through, and rolled under me, I was amazed that it was such huge ground swell. Each wave in the set was one massive wall of water 15 ft thick and overhead faces. I have never seen Surfside like this in the 2 years I have lived here. When I caught my first wave and made the drop, I looked down the wave and it just went for miles down the face. As I was going up and down the face, kissing the lip, redirecting on the wave, and doing nice carves, and then fishing out the back before going in to close to the beach I realized these are the best waves I have ridden in my short two years of surfing. For 3 solid hours I caught these beautiful emerald gems rolling onto our coast. I had dug ditches that day so my arms were already tired, but catching them bombs and feeling that adrenalin, my pain faded into nirvana. Karen swell will go down in history as one of the cleanest swells Surfside has seen in a while from what I gather from the other surfers that have surfed in Surfside for years.