Critical Mistake?

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New Jersey Monsters  Critical Mistake?  Getting Out Of The Way Of Waves

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Description by MDSurfer


So, you make the call, is he starting his duck-dive too late, too early, or just right?

Comments for Critical Mistake? (5)

  1. #1 barryob
    Re: Critical Mistake?
    I think he's in a bad spot, but he has no choice. He has to start the duckdive early to try to avoid the lip when it comes down.
  2. #2 dceev224
    Re: Critical Mistake?
    i think he can make but but if he doesnt dive soon its gonna hurt.
  3. #3 bustedinbarbados
    Re: Critical Mistake?
    that board looks to big to duck-dive. I hope his back's in good shape...
  4. #4 pvjumper05
    Re: Critical Mistake?
    AHAHHA damnit. i love how its up to guessing if he made it or not
  5. #5 tcoop
    Re: Critical Mistake?
    dude got crushed!!