Pacific Sunset

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by bbinnyc
Going Left Is Fun  Pacific Sunset  Yes, Lied Up.

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  1. #1 eastcoast_sponger
    Re: Pacific Sunset
    the island in the background looks like an airplane taking off out of the water lol
  2. #2 bbinnyc
    Re: Pacific Sunset
    You are so right, never noticed that. Sweet identification skills.
  3. #3 Bad Bug Surfing
    Re: Pacific Sunset
    Or a big ass whale.
  4. #4 bbinnyc
    Re: Pacific Sunset
    Possibly a large dolphin even...we all are see something different. Hopefully we get some more interpreters.
  5. #5 SearchForShacks
    Re: Pacific Sunset
    its a giant white shark
  6. #6 bbinnyc
    Re: Pacific Sunset
    Da plane boss, da plane!