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Massive Fish Kill Underway!  Sport?  9/21/08 Ocmd Sean Holloway

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Exactly what exercise is going on here? And does it take skill, or luck? And never mind the Ocean City Ordinance that bans surf fishing within 100 feet of either swimmers OR Surfers.

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  1. #1 DPR
    Re: Sport?
    I hate it when those guys r there. They might hook u.
  2. #2 Iowasurfer
    Re: Sport?
    Surf fishing takes both skill and luck....sort of like surfing. The have just as much right as we do and are a whole lot less dangerous then a bunch of surfers scratchen for a wave.
  3. #3 elsurfo10
    Re: Sport?
    you should stay in iowa
  4. #4 quiksilver1231
    Re: Sport?
    yeah we told some guys like this to move cause we wanted to surf... they did which was smart lol
  5. #5 wavehunter
    Re: Sport?
    Is it just me or do these guy ALWAYS seem to pick the best breaking spots to fish...... Even when I was in school down in NC, it seemed that any place with a good sandbar would have surf fisher men. Is this just coincidence or do you stand a better chance of catching fish where there is a good sandbar?