We're Back

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by Iceman
Super Outer Banks Bowl  We're Back  Bawls Deep... In Snow

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Too near and too far away.

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  1. #1 HollowDaze
    Re: We're Back
    I've been that guy... It doesn't end well
  2. #2 Iceman
    Re: We're Back
    Relentless with the sets it was that day. The guy finally made it out with a freak lull in the action. Agree with your, been-there-done-that assessment...as I too have been there many relentless times before. Especially not pretty in sub 40 degree H2ohhh.
  3. #3 wontonwonton
    Re: We're Back
    Looks heavy paddle. Atleast looks warm. 5 duckdive or more in a row in winter with conditions like that you basically blackout.
  4. #4 SaltH20
    Re: We're Back
    The worst part of days like this is when you finally make it out, take a wave and end up sitting like this all over again! This is where the cardio training pays off!