Lucas Jolly

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Nj 3-31-10  Lucas Jolly  Beast

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  1. #1 MDSurfer
    Re: Lucas Jolly
    Nice shot. The backlighting is really nice here.
  2. #2 Swellinfo
    Re: Lucas Jolly
    congrats on this shot.
  3. #3 islandvibe
    Re: Lucas Jolly
    Thanks for the compliments!
  4. #4 MDSurfer
    Re: Lucas Jolly
    What camera/ lens/ settings were you using? Point and shoot or SLR?
  5. #5 islandvibe
    Re: Lucas Jolly
    Using a Canon 50D SLR with 10-22mm lens and SPL Housing. Shot at 19mm. 1/1000 shutter. F8 Aperture. ISO 400.
  6. #6 MDSurfer
    Re: Lucas Jolly
    Excellent! Nice depth of field. I'll bet the original image is eye popping... how many megapixels is your 50D?
  7. #7 GoodVibes
    Re: Lucas Jolly
    Amazing shot!
  8. #8 islandvibe
    Re: Lucas Jolly
    50D is 15MP. I wish I had narrowed the aperture down to about F11 to get him fully in focus. But, ah, you live and learn I guess. Hopefully we'll have another good day soon!!
  9. #9 yourmom
    Re: Lucas Jolly
    sick colors, sick drop knee!