Taj Mahal

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10-16-09 New York  Taj Mahal  Taj Mahal

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  1. #1 mOtion732
    Re: Taj Mahal
    man, ac sucked yesterday. made the trip and it was not worth it.
  2. #2 YankeeSpy
    Re: Taj Mahal
    I surfed behind the Showboat (where Social D rocked sat night btw) around 10am sun morning. The tide was super high and though the waves were decent size they had a strange form.... pretty hard to get into. This was my first time surfing in NJ and i was down right terrified of hitting some submerged rebar or debris. I caught 3 waves and called it a day after almost hitting that runoff pipe.

    Oh yeah, and then i couldnt get back to my hotel because the road was closed. I had to park my car and wade (literally, the water was waste deep in places) a mile down the road to the hotel in order to check out on time.

    As i was leaving I saw 2 guys getting some decent barrels a few hundred yards up the beach to the north.