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michael hague

swallow tails are not common on logs, not sure why cuz they work great....

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  1. #1 livin4thesummer1
    Re: More Bamboo
    dude your killing the environment using all that bamboo

    jk looks good
  2. #2 MDSurfer
    Re: More Bamboo
    ''Boo'' is completely renewable. That stuff grows about 1' a day in my back yard. Almost as bad as Kudzu.
    What's the weight factor like?
  3. #3 michael hague
    Re: More Bamboo
    bamboo is a fast grower fo sho....

    the weight is normal......

    this board is a stringer-less eps/epoxy, with a 6&4oz deck and a 4oz bottom, culd have gone with a double 4 on the deck to save on weight......the bamboo skin makes it solid.....
  4. #4 allyearsurfer
    Re: More Bamboo
    yo how did you do that? did you buy a bamboo blank or get a bunch of strips and glue them? im clueless id like to try that one day, thanks