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3rd November 2007  Poster36487233  Boom Tail

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  1. #1 SSMike-
    Re: Poster36487233
    Not a bad picture but you really didn't have to make it one of those motivational photos. That wave is no bigger than waist high.
  2. #2 xgen70
    Re: Poster36487233
    small and gutless....looking...with all due respect...but hey, if it keeps you north, please do enjoy it.
  3. #3 MattClark
    Re: Poster36487233
    "than" not "then"
  4. #4 MDSurfer
    Re: Poster36487233
    Do you do motivational speeches as well? Let us know where we can hear you. Perhaps the opening line could be, ''I belief in the son evn wen it is knot shinning.'' Giddyup.
  5. #5 El Porto
    Re: Poster36487233
    Same goes for unnecessary punctuation marks, MDS
  6. #6 Boss
    Re: Poster36487233
  7. #7 Electricbanana69
    Re: Poster36487233
    Kind of sad that you have the time to make such a conceited picture.
  8. #8 naked spearfisher
    Re: Poster36487233
    oh who the hell cares. seriously. cool pic boss
  9. #9 OBlove
    Re: Poster36487233
    Apricot Orchard? The reason this spot did not have a name before is because it sucks. It always will. Besides, why would one frame a knee high wave. It's not heaving, the color is bad and it's small. Why waste your time?
  10. #10 Aguaholic
    Re: Poster36487233
    Haha.....Thanks for the laugh.
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