Bye Bye Holgate

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Summer Swell Smiles  Bye Bye Holgate  Bye Bye Holgate

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  1. #1 Conspiracyrider
    Re: Bye Bye Holgate
    Ehh idk over the past swells especially last year holgate has been getting incredibly over crowded
  2. #2 undergroundsurfer31
    Re: Bye Bye Holgate
    yep it sure has gotten crowded and really its not even that good unless the swell is the right direction. but i can walk away happy and go find other places that are twice as good with less people these days.... it classic cause years ago, the place was empty all the time. and yes its been getting more crowded over the past year, but once they ran a contest there, the next swell, Holgate had more guys then I ever seen... I sold out and did the contest and did it only cause it's my backyard... other then that I despise contests... I rather surf alone... that Deli at the End of holgate aint helpin things out either... oh well it well get so over crowded that the people who wanted to expose it will regret it cause that is the only spot they surf... I have since moved on and have found waves that make thatt place look stupid, and I won't say where...
  3. #3 LBInjSurfer
    Re: Bye Bye Holgate
    underground.. the clam jam didn't ruin anything down in holgate. back in the late 90's early 2000s that place was always empty, especially in the winter. I used to surf it alone everyday.. then one day I showed up and it was super crowded.. then Cedars became the place to be and everyone went back north and the WJ was empty again...

    oh and just because you have a summer house there, doesn't make it your backyard.
  4. #4 undergroundsurfer31
    Re: Bye Bye Holgate
    26 years of my life surfing in beach haven and holgate when i am not in hawaii or indonesia at different times of the year and winning the Body Language contest for 1989-1992, as well as the 1993-1994 Surf Unlimited contest. I can easily call the south end of LBI my backyard... and guys like Roth would not challenge me at all with that claim, so just stay down in florida on your longboard and don't throw stones in a glass house and certainly not my backyard.. I got lots of backing with the most ruthless of locals on LBI that can be total ****s to surf with... and yeah we all agree, its ruined, only reason I surfed that contest was because it was my backyard and it showed... I never do contests and I made it very far in that event...