Fall EC

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Ophelia at Folly  Fall EC  Burke'S BEACH, HHI

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Sunset this evening

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  1. #1 Swellinfo
    Re: Fall EC
    this photo is amazing! love it.
  2. #2 chuck white
    Re: Fall EC
    Awesome photo!!
  3. #3 Chris Joyner
    Re: Fall EC
    Great pull back shot for the reflections... Good work!
  4. #4 superbust
    Re: Fall EC
    I second all these guys. Good shot man!
  5. #5 Jbones
    Re: Fall EC
    Killer shot!
  6. #6 mOtion732
    Re: Fall EC
    email me, i'd consider buying a print: motion732@gmail.com
  7. #7 steelwave42
    Re: Fall EC
    thanks alot guys!!! the past few days around here have been surreal... motion-I'll email you when I get a minute.
  8. #8 GnarActually
    Re: Fall EC
    My favorite picture ever posted on this! killer! made it my background on my mac
  9. #9 johhnyutah
    Re: Fall EC
    that's effin' amazing! You should send this one down to TSJ. .. photodept@surfersjournal.com
  10. #10 Retzlaff44
    Re: Fall EC
    Agree with Gnar...the coolest photo I've seen posted. Stunning image, truly professional work. Would also be interested in buying a hi-res image
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