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by nick t.
Batida  Not Photoshopped  Sunset waves

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Comments for Not Photoshopped (5)

  1. #1 seldom seen
    Re: Not Photoshopped
  2. #2 chuck white
    Re: Not Photoshopped
    Winchy close out air.
  3. #3 Zeroevol
    Re: Not Photoshopped
    I don't even body board and i'll admit, this is a sick pic!
  4. #4 shark-hunter
    Re: Not Photoshopped
    He obviously was TOWED IN with a jetski. So silly not to mention that in the picture! Still a great picture though.
  5. #5 Chris Joyner
    Re: Not Photoshopped
    shark-hunter, they were using a winch as Chuck White stated above. It would be tow-outs and not ins regardless. The pictures is sick regardless.