Shore Break

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by Court
Nj 3/7/11  Shore Break  Travis Knight Ocmd

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Sebastian Inlet

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  1. #1 ECSURFR
    Re: Shore Break
    is he serious?
  2. #2 BonerSurfs
    Re: Shore Break
    dude is about to throw a hit into dry ass sand??!!
  3. #3 Zeroevol
    Re: Shore Break
    Why are depriving us??? We want to see the next pic!!!!!
  4. #4 VBwaver
    Re: Shore Break
    so sick. get on a bodyboard and you can charge those
  5. #5 bigkahuna
    Re: Shore Break
    One word: Photoshop.
  6. #6 superbust
    Re: Shore Break
    he's just trying to get to the tube on the other side
  7. #7 soulrider
    Re: Shore Break
    have to admit i tried this when i was a little younger haha
  8. #8 e-bot
    Re: Shore Break
    This doesn't even look like S.I. Where are all the kooks that would be trying to drop in on him!?!? FOTOHAX!