Crowded Swell

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Southern California  Crowded Swell  Huntington Beach, Ca

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  1. #1 gtowntreyble
    Re: Crowded Swell
    looks more annoying than fun
  2. #2 sivic_surfer
    Re: Crowded Swell
    seriously bro.. surfing in california has to suck balls... all those damn people everywhere..

    and what the **** is that dude doing dropping in when there are clearly 2 dudes on the wave already..what is peoples problem out on the west coast? do they all just feel so entitled to the waves that they think they can just drop in where ever / whenever they feel like it.. ****!! i know the east coast waves arent that great all the time.. but at least the people here dont suck at LIFE!
  3. #3 GROMsurfer
    Re: Crowded Swell
    I have never been to the west coast, but it gets just like this when there is waves on the east coast
  4. #4 bdell
    Re: Crowded Swell
    dude what the ****
  5. #5 SaltH20
    Re: Crowded Swell
    Major overcrowding is why it happens. Also the kook quota is so high that the better surfers know if 4 people are going on a wave at least one will probably eat it on the takeoff, one will be like Mr. Hoodie here, who somehow made the drop but is obviously on his heels and about to fall on his ass, and one will be an arm flapping stinkbug on the shoulder who you just go around. Dodge or go around the barneys with the first couple pumps and the rest of the wave is yours.