Long Island sound

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surfing the long island sound during hurricane sandy, the surfer is Austin Wirth

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  1. #1 Alloutsurf
    Re: Long Island sound
    No way! Never knew you could surf in the sound lol. Guessing it was a strong south wind?
  2. #2 meatloaf
    Re: Long Island sound
    where was this, i was out everyday except monday, there wasnt anything remotely like this
  3. #3 prudds
    Re: Long Island sound
    absolutely legendary. if you dont live on LI or CT you don't understand the seriousness of this. wish i could live to say i got shacked in the sound.
  4. #4 surfsolo
    Re: Long Island sound
    sorry to bursy everyones bubble but this may be the sound but is definitely not during sandy. this person just wants attention.
  5. #5 Eastend
    Re: Long Island sound
    do i need to post all of the photos from this session? i have many more, surfsolo just is angry they missed these waves, i talked to other surfers and they said that they have never in their lifetime seen it break like this, this was the first time ever. if anyone says this is not the sound, or not during hurricane sandy let me know i will get proof.
  6. #6 surfsolo
    Re: Long Island sound
    the sky looked nothing like this on this day...also what is the name of the guy taking the pics??
  7. #7 Eastend
    Re: Long Island sound
    i took this picture... i bought a housing this past summer for my nikon. this was shot the day after the hurricane, if you where anywhere near eastern long island it was a beautiful day. this is my friend austin surfing
  8. #8 gnarlytubage
    Re: Long Island sound
    dude i dont know if i believe this. i need more proof haha. how close or far out on the east end was this?

  9. #9 lightfoot
    Re: Long Island sound
    I live in Rocky Point,NY, and the night of Sandy, I walked to the end of my street and stood on the bluff looking north out over the sound. The wind was moderating, (it was 8:30PM or so), but still strong from the north, and the full moon was shining through broken clouds. Eighty feet below endless lines of perfect rights were barrelling in from the NNE, forming a hundred yards offshore,peeling across brand new sandbars that just a day before had been the slopes of the bluffs. It was ghostly, and beautiful, in the moonlight. The next morning I raced to the same spot, only to see ankle high ripples washing across our newly sandy sea-bed.It seems unlikely to me that this could be the same day, unless perhaps it was way out near Orient, and those waves were ocean swells reflected off the CT coast, since there just wasn't any NE wind swell that day.That being said, every year there are winter days with howling N winds that will blow up 2-3 foot ridable waves all along the sound, from Mt. Sinai eastward, where you have a fetch of 18 to 20 miles or so. the problem is, they're generally breaking directly on rock, and hard! With this new sand bottom, though, this year I'm gettin' out there!
  10. #10 Eastend
    Re: Long Island sound
    i shot this wayyy east, (dont wanna reveal the spot sorry) the morning after the storm at about 9 or 10am. i will upload another shot or two of the break from further away tonight.
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