Surfbeach Ocmd

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by nden65
Freeze For A Cause  Surfbeach Ocmd  Jamie C Ocmd

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  1. #1 Aguaholic
    Re: Surfbeach Ocmd
    If you are gonna burn someone at least make the drop. what a kook
  2. #2 El Porto
    Re: Surfbeach Ocmd
    What does (909) Kook Regulator mean? Are you from the (909)?
  3. #3 eppeldaa
    Re: Surfbeach Ocmd
    Aguaholic- you were a kook once...
    and perhaps you are a kook for life...trying to feel superior to others less able is pretty kookie.
  4. #4 ECsponger
    Re: Surfbeach Ocmd
    Whatever is happening here - Double FAIL
  5. #5 SurfJdog
    Re: Surfbeach Ocmd
    Stay out of the (410)...Thanks
  6. #6 Aguaholic
    Re: Surfbeach Ocmd
    Quote Originally Posted by SurfJdog
    Stay out of the (410)...Thanks
    no worries..... I have NO desire at all to come to fairyland.
  7. #7 El Porto
    Re: Surfbeach Ocmd
    Hey Aquaholic, don't get all aggro but it reads like you are FROM the (909) so you may want to tweak it. Just sayin. Also, how many (909) kooks to you run into in New Jersey? I bet not many. Have you ever actually been to the Inland Empire? Seems like such an odd thing for an East Coast guy to concern himself with.
  8. #8 El Porto
    Re: Surfbeach Ocmd
    OK thanks for clarifying Aguaholic, your signature makes much more sense now. I didn't realize you were actually an Oceanside local. I'm sure there is a huge problem in Oceanside with guys driving 90 miles from Riverside to surf your home break there.
  9. #9 Aguaholic
    Re: Surfbeach Ocmd
    me too.......smartass
  10. #10 r donofrio
    Re: Surfbeach Ocmd
    there is alot of people on this site that don't even now how to surf
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