August 8th, NJ

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Traces of Emily?  August 8th, NJ  sunset

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Fun day.
Photo - Mr Lipton T. Bag

Comments for August 8th, NJ (6)

  1. #1 Redted
    Re: August 8th, NJ
    where in nj is this?
  2. #2 NJ SPONGIN
    Re: August 8th, NJ
    Long Beach Island
  3. #3 Redted
    Re: August 8th, NJ
    thats sick i was down in normandy beach this past weekend and there was nothing remotely close looking like that
  4. #4 NJ SPONGIN
    Re: August 8th, NJ
    That suckssss, This day was sooo good!
  5. #5 CaptJAQ
    Re: August 8th, NJ
    I caught some good waves on LBI both Monday and Tuesday. Didn't get a ton of waves, but the few I caught were really sweet. Tuesday I caught an outside set wave that was easily head high on the peak, I took off with the lip in my face, stuck the rail in the wave and let my rocker save me.
  6. #6 NJ SPONGIN
    Re: August 8th, NJ
    Sweeeet Dude! This day had some head high sets and tons of barrelss