3/2/07... in ocmd

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Tim Tice - Delaware  3/2/07... in ocmd  Rodanthe, NC 2-14-07 birthday presents 4 me

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  1. #1 OcMerrik
    Re: 3/2/07... in ocmd
    What street and why no shotrs of people in um. no one was out
  2. #2 Chris Joyner
    Re: 3/2/07... in ocmd
    Looks like something I pulled in and out of yesterday. Have to love waves right on the beach in winter!
  3. #3 steelwave42
    Re: 3/2/07... in ocmd
    I'm pretty sure this was around 8th street. If you go to malibus.com, and then to the surf report you'll see people riding them. That's where I got this picture, so thanks Lee, if you read this. I didn't get any shots from mid-town, I was the only one out.