Empty - Eerie sky

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Ophelia leftovers 10/3  Empty - Eerie sky  Empty - Scenic

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Description by Chris Joyner

Chris Joyner

Empty Shacks - Ophelia

Comments for Empty - Eerie sky (5)

  1. #1 Just some guy
    Re: Empty - Eerie sky
    where is this?
  2. #2 Chris Joyner
    Re: Empty - Eerie sky
    OCMD on 10/2/2011
  3. #3 chuck white
    Re: Empty - Eerie sky
    Awesome shot Chris. Glad we got to share some fun ones Sunday. Look forward to some more days like that.
  4. #4 steelwave42
    Re: Empty - Eerie sky
    Perfect lighting, this is an incredible shot! Excellent work.
  5. #5 Chris Joyner
    Re: Empty - Eerie sky
    Thanks man, I was shocked with the trifecta, perfect light, waves and having my gear handy. What a great day Sunday was for photos and scoring shacks!