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3 ft 2-4 ft


Waist high SW short period wind swell in the morning builds in the afternoon with occasional sets up to chest high.


Semi clean/sideshore texture and current in the morning with WSW winds 20-25mph. Clean conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting W 10-15mph.

Wind Swell
6am WSW 23mph SSW 5.8 ft @ 7 sec
9am WSW 23mph SW 2.1 ft @ 7 sec
12pm W 17mph SW 2.1 ft @ 8 sec
3pm W 13mph SSW 4.5 ft @ 8 sec
6pm WNW 9mph SSW 4.1 ft @ 7 sec
2+ ft 1-2 ft


Knee to thigh high SSW short period wind swell for the morning drops into the ankle to knee high zone during the afternoon.


Light sideshore texture in the morning with NNE winds 5-10mph. Glassy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting NNW less than 5mph.

Low:03:39 AM -0.61 ft04:24 PM -0.73 ft
High:10:04 AM 4.41 ft10:40 PM 3.82 ft
Wind Swell
6am NNE 11mph SSW 1.8 ft @ 7 sec
9am N 8mph SSW 1.8 ft @ 7 sec
12pm NNE 3mph SSW 1.6 ft @ 7 sec
3pm WNW 2mph E 1.2 ft @ 9 sec
6pm WNW 3mph E 1.1 ft @ 9 sec
2-4 ft 2-4 ft


Waist to stomach high E long period swell with occasional chest high sets.


Semi glassy/semi bumpy with NE winds less than 5mph in the morning shifting S 5-10mph in the afternoon.

Low:04:41 AM -0.32 ft05:19 PM -0.63 ft
High:11:00 AM 4.07 ft11:42 PM 3.86 ft
Wind Swell
6am NNE 3mph E 1.8 ft @ 18 sec
9am NNE 4mph E 2.1 ft @ 17 sec
12pm NNE 2mph E 2.3 ft @ 17 sec
3pm SSW 7mph E 2.4 ft @ 16 sec
6pm SSW 9mph E 2.4 ft @ 15 sec
2-3+ ft 2-3 ft


Knee to waist high ENE ground swell with occasional stomach high sets.


Sideshore texture/chop with SSW winds 10-15mph in the morning increasing to 15-20mph in the afternoon.

Low:05:48 AM -0.05 ft06:15 PM -0.53 ft
High:11:59 AM 3.73 ftN/A
Wind Swell
6am SSW 13mph E 2.3 ft @ 13 sec
9am SSW 14mph E 2.2 ft @ 13 sec
12pm SSW 16mph ENE 2.1 ft @ 13 sec
3pm SW 21mph ENE 2.0 ft @ 13 sec
6pm WSW 17mph ENE 1.9 ft @ 12 sec
2+ ft 1-2 ft


Knee to thigh high ENE medium period swell.


Clean in the morning with WNW winds 15-20mph. Sideshore texture/chop conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting NE 10-15mph.

Low:06:59 AM 0.14 ft07:14 PM -0.46 ft
High:12:47 AM 3.92 ft01:02 PM 3.44 ft
Wind Swell
6am W 16mph ENE 1.6 ft @ 11 sec
9am NW 12mph ENE 1.5 ft @ 11 sec
12pm NNE 11mph ENE 1.4 ft @ 11 sec
3pm NE 17mph ENE 1.4 ft @ 11 sec
6pm NE 20mph ENE 1.3 ft @ 11 sec
2+ ft 3+ ft


Knee to thigh high NE short period wind swell in the morning builds to waist to stomach high for the afternoon.


Choppy, strong sideshore current with NE winds 20-25mph in the morning decreasing to 15-20mph in the afternoon.

Low:08:10 AM 0.18 ft08:13 PM -0.43 ft
High:01:53 AM 4.02 ft02:07 PM 3.23 ft
Wind Swell
6am NE 23mph ENE 1.0 ft @ 11 sec
9am NE 21mph NE 4.0 ft @ 5 sec
12pm NE 19mph NE 4.5 ft @ 6 sec
3pm NE 19mph NE 4.4 ft @ 6 sec
6pm NE 18mph NE 4.7 ft @ 6 sec
2-4 ft 2-4 ft


Waist to chest high ENE short period wind swell.


Sideshore/choppy with N winds 15-20mph in the morning shifting NNE for the afternoon.

Low:09:17 AM 0.11 ft09:13 PM -0.46 ft
High:02:55 AM 4.15 ft03:10 PM 3.13 ft
Wind Swell
6am N 19mph ENE 5.0 ft @ 7 sec
9am NNE 19mph ENE 5.4 ft @ 7 sec
12pm NNE 17mph ENE 5.5 ft @ 7 sec
3pm NNE 14mph ENE 5.3 ft @ 7 sec
6pm NNE 14mph ENE 5.1 ft @ 7 sec
March 29, 2014 @ 1:09am

Posted by: beau'n'sheets
3-5 ft (03/29)
February 3, 2014 @ 8:02pm

Posted by: sebastian sterling
1st street jetty va, NC
flat none (02/03)
November 28, 2013 @ 7:51pm
Too cold and small. About 3' less than the report said.

Posted by: SCislander
Burkes, SC
1 ft (11/28)
October 7, 2013 @ 6:25pm
Fun day today in and around the higher tides. Chest to Shoulder on the sets with fun, punchy conditions. Fun day on the island. Only a few guys out.

Posted by: zach619
Burkes, SC
3-4+ ft (10/07)
August 27, 2013 @ 10:28am
Monday, August 26th. 3 hours before High Tide. Swell was running 6 feet at about 7 seconds. For 2 hours, it was really fun. About 1 hour before high tide everything started lining up. Sets were check plus with some punchy sections. Reform was working too with fast little inside sections. About 10 guys on it by high tide and it started to crap out. Super fun considering I expected next to nothing when I got there. Had fun on the Sharp Eye Disco and the Fish.

Posted by: zach619
Burkes, SC
3-4+ ft (08/27)
June 7, 2013 @ 9:09am

Posted by: cassi
, SC
4-6 ft (06/07)
May 23, 2013 @ 11:48am
All reports said waist high but there was nothing as usual here.

Posted by: SCislander
Burkes HHI, SC
0-1 ft (05/23)
  Ocean Isle Beach, NC flat (05/10)
April 16, 2013 @ 12:29pm
Water temps are up. Fun, short period windswept with light north winds. Some fun peaks were coming through on the sets. Got slightly crowded at the end. High tide. Fun. 75 degree air and sunny

Posted by: zach619
Burkes Beach, HHI, SC
3+ ft (04/16)
April 12, 2013 @ 2:04pm
Best time is about mid to early morning.

Posted by: nmblifeguard28
North Myrtle Beach, SC
flat (04/12)
54° Wind  Wind - CLKN7
 W @ 19 k ts
Buoy Data  Buoy 41036
 6.6ft @ 7sec
tides  Low: 02:43 AM
 High: 09:12 AM
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Current Ocean Temp: 55
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