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6-10 ft 6-9 ft


Overhead high W ground swell with occasional double overhead high sets.


Choppy/disorganized with SSW winds 15-20mph in the morning shifting WSW 5-10mph in the afternoon.

Wind Swell
6am SSW 15mph W 11.7 ft @ 12 sec
9am SW 9mph W 11.3 ft @ 12 sec
12pm WSW 7mph W 11.1 ft @ 12 sec
3pm WSW 8mph W 10.8 ft @ 12 sec
6pm S 7mph W 10.4 ft @ 12 sec
6-8 ft 6-8 ft


1-3' overhead high W medium period swell.


Clean with ESE winds 5-10mph in the morning shifting E less than 5mph in the afternoon.

Low:06:44 AM 2.13 ft07:29 PM -0.21 ft
High:01:09 AM 6.49 ft12:41 PM 7.74 ft
Wind Swell
6am SE 7mph W 8.7 ft @ 11 sec
9am ESE 5mph W 8.4 ft @ 12 sec
12pm E 4mph W 8.2 ft @ 12 sec
3pm E 4mph W 7.9 ft @ 13 sec
6pm ESE 7mph W 7.6 ft @ 13 sec
6-8+ ft 10-12+ ft


1-3' overhead high mix of SSW medium period swell and WNW ground swell for the morning hours with occasional well overhead sets. The surf builds from the SSW into the double overhead+ range for the afternoon.


Fairly clean in the early morning with SE winds 10-15mph. Sideshore/choppy conditions move in during the morning hours with the winds shifting SSE 15-20mph.

Low:07:20 AM 2.36 ft08:08 PM -0.38 ft
High:01:51 AM 6.48 ft01:14 PM 7.81 ft
Wind Swell
6am SE 14mph SSW 8.8 ft @ 10 sec
9am SSE 16mph SSW 11.1 ft @ 10 sec
12pm S 20mph SSW 12.9 ft @ 11 sec
3pm SSW 21mph SSW 18.3 ft @ 12 sec
6pm SW 17mph SW 15.0 ft @ 11 sec
6-8 ft 5-8 ft


1-3' overhead high WNW medium period swell.


Bumpy/choppy with W winds 10-15mph in the morning shifting WSW for the afternoon.

Low:07:57 AM 2.62 ft08:49 PM -0.43 ft
High:02:35 AM 6.40 ft01:49 PM 7.78 ft
Wind Swell
6am W 14mph WNW 8.9 ft @ 11 sec
9am W 11mph WNW 8.6 ft @ 11 sec
12pm WSW 11mph WNW 8.2 ft @ 11 sec
3pm WSW 11mph WNW 7.7 ft @ 11 sec
6pm WSW 9mph WNW 7.2 ft @ 10 sec
4-6 ft 3-5 ft


Head high NW medium period swell for the morning drops into the chest to shoulder high zone during the afternoon.


Fairly clean in the morning with SSE winds 5-10mph. Light sideshore texture conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting to the S.

Low:08:39 AM 2.88 ft09:36 PM -0.35 ft
High:03:22 AM 6.28 ft02:29 PM 7.64 ft
Wind Swell
6am SSE 7mph NW 6.8 ft @ 10 sec
9am SE 7mph NW 6.4 ft @ 10 sec
12pm SSE 6mph NW 5.8 ft @ 9 sec
3pm SSW 7mph WNW 5.2 ft @ 9 sec
6pm SSW 10mph WNW 4.2 ft @ 9 sec
6-10 ft 8-10+ ft


Well overhead to double overhead high mix of WSW ground swell and SSW medium period swell.


Choppy/sideshore current with S winds 15-20mph in the morning shifting SSW for the afternoon.

Low:09:28 AM 3.13 ft10:27 PM -0.16 ft
High:04:15 AM 6.16 ft03:15 PM 7.38 ft
Wind Swell
6am S 15mph W 7.4 ft @ 10 sec
9am S 16mph W 11.9 ft @ 12 sec
12pm SSW 16mph W 12.9 ft @ 12 sec
3pm SW 17mph W 12.4 ft @ 12 sec
6pm SW 16mph W 11.4 ft @ 11 sec
4-7 ft 4-7 ft


Shoulder to head high W medium period swell with occasional 1-2' overhead high sets.


Light sideshore texture in the morning with S winds 5-10mph. Semi glassy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting SSE less than 5mph.

Low:10:28 AM 3.30 ft11:24 PM 0.09 ft
High:05:13 AM 6.10 ft04:11 PM 7.02 ft
Wind Swell
6am S 7mph W 8.3 ft @ 11 sec
9am SSE 7mph W 6.9 ft @ 11 sec
12pm SSE 6mph W 6.4 ft @ 11 sec
3pm S 2mph W 6.5 ft @ 11 sec
  Agate Beach, OR cam video surf report LIVE
September 8, 2011 @ 1:36am
Super Fun at mid incoming tide. Had the hood off all day.

Posted by: SkySurfnSnow
La Push, WA
4-6 ft (09/08)
December 13, 2009 @ 6:15pm
Kind of lame. Good for SUP in surf or point to point. Long board sucked. Nobody out in the morning.

Posted by: waveski50
Florence South Jetty, OR
0-1 ft (12/13)
May 18, 2009 @ 12:14am
The current swell is starting to die down a bit... busy line-up but definitely a good vibe :) Small fun lines if you catch the right wave :)

Posted by: thenah
Short Sands, OR
3 ft (05/18)
May 17, 2009 @ 2:36am
Winds shifted to the NE and helped out a bit. Super low tide, swell hit the first bar and fired off some super fun mellow lines.

Posted by: thenah
Shorties, OR
3+ ft (05/17)
May 14, 2009 @ 11:42pm
Fairly clean set waves way on the outside coming in 7-8ft for a while in the afternoon. Fun lines to be had as the tide filled in. Nearly empty lineup. Wind got on it a little later and started to junk it out.

Posted by: thenah
Shorties, OR
4-5 ft (05/14)
May 14, 2009 @ 2:31am
Conditions were pretty good until the south wind picked up and junked it out. Some fun waves to be had earlier in the day though.

Posted by: thenah
The Cove, OR
3 ft (05/14)
April 10, 2009 @ 6:36pm
Lame today

Posted by: AaronCleveland
Westhaven Jetty, WA
2+ ft (04/10)
July 4, 2008 @ 5:57pm
Seaside Cove is sheltered from the southerly winds. Cleanest break I have seen today, but much smaller because of the cove. Thigh-waist high with stomach sets and semi-glassy conditions.

Posted by: meteoscott
Seaside Cove, OR
3 ft (07/04)
July 4, 2008 @ 10:53am
Looks as if the winds has gotten on it. Still some solid swell in the water. Looks to build this afternoon.

Posted by: meteoscott
Needles, OR
2+ ft (07/04)
55° Wind  Wind - PORO3
 SSE @ 11 k ts
Buoy Data  Buoy 46015
 9.5ft @ 13sec
tides  Low: 06:11 AM
 High: 12:29 AM
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