Surf Forecast

8-10 ft 6-8 ft


Well overhead high W ground swell in the morning with occasional double overhead high sets. This drops into the 1-3' overhead range for the afternoon.


Bumpy/choppy with SW winds 10-15mph in the morning shifting S 15-20mph in the afternoon.

Wind Swell
6am SW 11mph W 11.1 ft @ 14 sec
9am SSW 14mph W 10.5 ft @ 13 sec
12pm SSW 18mph W 8.3 ft @ 13 sec
3pm S 20mph W 7.1 ft @ 13 sec
6pm SSE 20mph SSW 10.0 ft @ 9 sec
8-10+ ft 8-10 ft


Well overhead to double overhead high mix of W ground swell and SSW medium period swell.


Choppy, strong sideshore current with S winds 20-25mph in the morning shifting SSW 10-15mph in the afternoon.

Low:06:08 AM 1.80 ft06:45 PM 0.29 ft
High:12:32 AM 8.15 ft12:32 PM 9.34 ft
Wind Swell
6am S 22mph W 10.7 ft @ 15 sec
9am S 19mph W 12.2 ft @ 15 sec
12pm SSW 13mph W 11.5 ft @ 14 sec
3pm SSW 12mph W 10.6 ft @ 14 sec
6pm SSW 11mph W 10.0 ft @ 13 sec
6-9 ft 6-9 ft


Well overhead high W ground swell.


Bumpy/semi bumpy with SW winds 10-15mph.

Low:06:44 AM 1.96 ft07:22 PM -0.16 ft
High:01:14 AM 8.33 ft01:03 PM 9.64 ft
Wind Swell
6am SW 10mph W 9.1 ft @ 12 sec
9am SW 10mph W 10.8 ft @ 12 sec
12pm SW 10mph W 11.0 ft @ 12 sec
3pm SSW 10mph W 10.8 ft @ 12 sec
6pm SSW 8mph W 10.6 ft @ 12 sec
8-10 ft 8-10 ft


Well overhead high W ground swell with occasional double overhead high sets.


Clean with E winds 5-10mph.

Low:07:19 AM 2.18 ft07:58 PM -0.47 ft
High:01:54 AM 8.43 ft01:34 PM 9.85 ft
Wind Swell
6am E 7mph W 8.7 ft @ 12 sec
9am E 8mph W 9.7 ft @ 13 sec
12pm E 9mph W 9.7 ft @ 13 sec
3pm E 10mph W 9.6 ft @ 13 sec
6pm E 10mph W 9.2 ft @ 13 sec
5-8 ft 5-7 ft


Head high W ground swell with occasional 1-3' overhead high sets.


Choppy/disorganized with S winds 15-20mph in the morning shifting WSW for the afternoon.

Low:07:55 AM 2.45 ft08:37 PM -0.64 ft
High:02:34 AM 8.42 ft02:06 PM 9.95 ft
Wind Swell
6am SSE 13mph W 7.1 ft @ 12 sec
9am SW 20mph W 6.8 ft @ 12 sec
12pm WSW 20mph W 6.6 ft @ 13 sec
3pm WSW 13mph W 6.4 ft @ 12 sec
6pm W 11mph WNW 6.2 ft @ 12 sec
4-7 ft 4-6 ft


Shoulder to head high WNW medium period swell with occasional 1-2' overhead high sets.


Glassy in the morning with NW winds less than 5mph. Semi glassy/semi bumpy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting WSW 5-10mph.

Low:08:32 AM 2.75 ft09:18 PM -0.64 ft
High:03:16 AM 8.32 ft02:40 PM 9.93 ft
Wind Swell
6am NNW 1mph WNW 7.2 ft @ 11 sec
9am WNW 2mph WNW 7.3 ft @ 10 sec
12pm WSW 4mph WNW 7.2 ft @ 10 sec
3pm WSW 6mph WNW 6.9 ft @ 10 sec
6pm WSW 5mph WNW 6.5 ft @ 9 sec
3-4+ ft 2-4 ft


Stomach to shoulder high WNW medium period swell for the morning drops into the waist to chest high zone during the afternoon.


Clean with E winds less than 5mph in the morning shifting ESE 5-10mph in the afternoon.

Low:09:13 AM 3.07 ft10:02 PM -0.49 ft
High:04:01 AM 8.15 ft03:18 PM 9.76 ft
Wind Swell
6am ESE 3mph WNW 4.8 ft @ 9 sec
9am E 6mph WNW 4.5 ft @ 9 sec
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  La Push, WA cam video surf report LIVE
September 8, 2011 @ 1:36am
Super Fun at mid incoming tide. Had the hood off all day.

Posted by: SkySurfnSnow
La Push, WA
4-6 ft (09/08)
December 13, 2009 @ 6:15pm
Kind of lame. Good for SUP in surf or point to point. Long board sucked. Nobody out in the morning.

Posted by: waveski50
Florence South Jetty, OR
0-1 ft (12/13)
May 18, 2009 @ 12:14am
The current swell is starting to die down a bit... busy line-up but definitely a good vibe :) Small fun lines if you catch the right wave :)

Posted by: thenah
Short Sands, OR
3 ft (05/18)
May 17, 2009 @ 2:36am
Winds shifted to the NE and helped out a bit. Super low tide, swell hit the first bar and fired off some super fun mellow lines.

Posted by: thenah
Shorties, OR
3+ ft (05/17)
May 14, 2009 @ 11:42pm
Fairly clean set waves way on the outside coming in 7-8ft for a while in the afternoon. Fun lines to be had as the tide filled in. Nearly empty lineup. Wind got on it a little later and started to junk it out.

Posted by: thenah
Shorties, OR
4-5 ft (05/14)
May 14, 2009 @ 2:31am
Conditions were pretty good until the south wind picked up and junked it out. Some fun waves to be had earlier in the day though.

Posted by: thenah
The Cove, OR
3 ft (05/14)
April 10, 2009 @ 6:36pm
Lame today

Posted by: AaronCleveland
Westhaven Jetty, WA
2+ ft (04/10)
July 4, 2008 @ 5:57pm
Seaside Cove is sheltered from the southerly winds. Cleanest break I have seen today, but much smaller because of the cove. Thigh-waist high with stomach sets and semi-glassy conditions.

Posted by: meteoscott
Seaside Cove, OR
3 ft (07/04)
57° Wind  Wind - KHQM
 SSE @ 12 k ts
Buoy Data  Buoy 46029
 12.5ft @ 15sec
tides  Low: 05:32 AM
 High: 12:00 PM
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