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Baja Norte Surf Reports

Reporter Location Wave Height Conditions Posted
brian@d3corp.com, ALflatClean Clean8/27
cece vaccaroSatilite beach, ALflatClean Semi Glass/Bumpy8/8
dasurfguy101the maze atlantic beach, NC2+ ftClean Clean11/6
marknel83Chincoteague, VA3 ftClean Clean5/11
Xylem SurfboardsCrystal Peir, NC1-2 ftClean Choppy4/12
Messy but fun
SurfreportsDeal, CAflatClean Semi Glass/Bumpy4/10
Not that good, size but sloppy, not worth the paddle out
surferhenAllenhurst!!!!!, CA4-5 ftClean Clean2/25
Just finished my session. didnt use my 5/4/3 used my 4/3. very fun. the winds have gone tottally west/offshore and the swell is hitting it in just th eperfect direction. its big now. about 5 feet. get out there before dark!!!!!!!!
McShwackinWB, NCflatClean Clean11/19
Gnartastic is nowhere around. Ever. Thats why Troy\'s surfing and this other klown\'s daily reports and comments suck. While you might be fine with living where the water looks like dirty bong water and the surf is so sh*tty. I on the other hand grew up elsewhere with azur water and bombs that explode on the march in. So I kinda enjoy having a heads up on this sh*t hole and not some clown posting bogusness even if it is so blatant. It just litters the board

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