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Corolla, NC Surf Report

United States » Virginia Beach / OBX

  50° SSE Wind
@ 14 kts
Buoy 44100
5.2ft @ 11sec
Low: 12:43 PM
High: 06:21 AM
Report Date: Saturday Feb 25, 2017 @ 10:00 AM
Wave Height: 2-4 ft  
Conditions: Semi Glass/Bumpy  
Stoke Factor: Fun - paddle out

We are enjoying another mild day of air temps in Corolla and we also have surf. Wave height is stomach to chest with a light wind out of the south. I’m currently traveling so I pulled my pictures off of the Duck Research Pier. Water temp is holding just below the 50 degree mark. The South wind is blowing hard enough to really effect surface conditions: NOTE: WE ARE OPEN TODAY & TOMORROW. GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP

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