Corolla, NC Surf Report

East Coast USA » Virginia Beach / OBX

  70° 76° NNE Wind
@ 17 kts
Buoy 44056
1.3ft @ 8sec
Low: 01:16 AM
High: 07:10 AM
Report Date: Thursday Jul 24, 2014 @ 8:15 AM
Wave Height: 1-2 ft  
Conditions: Clean  
Stoke Factor: Nothing special

Wave height is small: knee cap high. Corolla has an outgoing tide at this posting and an off-shore out of the WSW. I surprised to see that water temps are still in the high 60′s to 70′s.Usually when we have a steady off-shore for more then 24 hours, H2O temps will drop. All factors being equal, let the tide drop for another hour and go get your longboard. NOTE: COMING DOWN TO COROLLA THIS WEEK? STOP BY THE SHOP & PICK OUT YOUR RENTAL EQUIPMENT. YOU WILL GET THE BEST SELECTION IF YOU COME EARLY. GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP

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