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Corolla, NC Surf Report

United States » Virginia Beach / OBX

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Fall means great surf & small no crowds. Plus all of our summer surf wear is 40% off. Plus we are selling all of our rental equipment:


  70° 58° NE Wind
@ 13 kts
Buoy 44100
4.3ft @ 7sec
Low: 12:52 AM
High: 07:16 AM
Report Date: Thursday Nov 26, 2015 @ 9:00 AM
Wave Height: 3 ft  
Conditions: Semi Choppy  
Stoke Factor: Fun - paddle out

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I just checked the surf in front of the store. Wave height is about waist high. The on-shore wind is blowing about 17 mph. Surface conditions are semi-choppy. Corolla is currently coming out of high tide. It is a beautiful day with air temps reaching the mid 60’s. GARY, COROLA SURF SHOP

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