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Corolla, NC Surf Report

United States » Virginia Beach / OBX

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  51° 67° WNW Wind
@ 12 kts
Buoy 44100
4.6ft @ 12sec
Low: 08:11 AM
High: 02:04 AM
Report Date: Saturday Oct 22, 2016 @ 11:00 AM
Wave Height: 3 ft  
Conditions: Choppy  
Stoke Factor: Not Today

Corolla and the OBX had a change in weather. A cold front move in from the WNW, temperatures took a 15 degree drop and a NNW wind is barreling down the beach. After last week great surf thanks to Nicole, I think we are all a little disappointed. It still a great fall day but way too much wind to go surfing. Wave height is waist high with an incoming tide at this posting. GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP

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