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Oregon Surf Reports

Reporter Location Wave Height Conditions Posted
waveski50Florence South Jetty, OR0-1 ftClean Clean12/13
Kind of lame. Good for SUP in surf or point to point. Long board sucked. Nobody out in the morning.
thenahShort Sands, OR3 ftClean Semi Glass/Bumpy5/18
The current swell is starting to die down a bit... busy line-up but definitely a good vibe :) Small fun lines if you catch the right wave :)
thenahShorties, OR3+ ftClean Clean5/17
Winds shifted to the NE and helped out a bit. Super low tide, swell hit the first bar and fired off some super fun mellow lines.
thenahShorties, OR4-5 ftClean Semi Glass/Bumpy5/14
Fairly clean set waves way on the outside coming in 7-8ft for a while in the afternoon. Fun lines to be had as the tide filled in. Nearly empty lineup. Wind got on it a little later and started to junk it out.
thenahThe Cove, OR3 ftClean Semi Glass/Bumpy5/14
Conditions were pretty good until the south wind picked up and junked it out. Some fun waves to be had earlier in the day though.
meteoscottSeaside Cove, OR3 ftClean Semi Glass/Bumpy7/4
Seaside Cove is sheltered from the southerly winds. Cleanest break I have seen today, but much smaller because of the cove. Thigh-waist high with stomach sets and semi-glassy conditions.
meteoscottNeedles, OR2+ ftClean Choppy7/4
Looks as if the winds has gotten on it. Still some solid swell in the water. Looks to build this afternoon.
meteoscottOswald West, OR4-5 ftClean Semi Glass/Bumpy7/3
3-5ft with 6ft peaks in the sets. Nice medium-long period SW swell. Super fun, long lines.

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