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South Carolina Surf Reports

Reporter Location Wave Height Conditions Posted
SCislanderBurkes, SC1 ftClean Semi Glass/Bumpy11/28
Too cold and small. About 3\' less than the report said.
zach619Burkes, SC3-4+ ftClean Semi Glass/Bumpy10/7
Fun day today in and around the higher tides. Chest to Shoulder on the sets with fun, punchy conditions. Fun day on the island. Only a few guys out.
zach619Burkes, SC3-4+ ftClean Semi Glass/Bumpy8/27
Monday, August 26th. 3 hours before High Tide. Swell was running 6 feet at about 7 seconds. For 2 hours, it was really fun. About 1 hour before high tide everything started lining up. Sets were check plus with some punchy sections. Reform was working too with fast little inside sections. About 10 guys on it by high tide and it started to crap out. Super fun considering I expected next to nothing when I got there. Had fun on the Sharp Eye Disco and the Fish.
cassi, SC4-6 ftClean Choppy6/7
SCislanderBurkes HHI, SC0-1 ftClean Clean5/23
All reports said waist high but there was nothing as usual here.
zach619Burkes Beach, HHI, SC3+ ftClean Semi Glass/Bumpy4/16
Water temps are up. Fun, short period windswept with light north winds. Some fun peaks were coming through on the sets. Got slightly crowded at the end. High tide. Fun. 75 degree air and sunny
nmblifeguard28North Myrtle Beach, SCflatClean Semi Glass/Bumpy4/12
Best time is about mid to early morning.
zach619Hilton Head Island, SC3-5 ftClean Clean4/4
When the storm passed, the wind died around 3pm and it got fun. Chest to shoulder peaks. Drifted down to the jetty/inlet and the waves there were hollow. Enough juice for 2-3 turns. Rights were a bit longer than the left. South Current.

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