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Central Pacific Tropical Monthly Summary

Active Tropical Systems Basin Outlooks Satellite
October 2016 Central Pacific Monthly Summary
ACPN60 PHFO 020816

1020 PM HST SAT OCT 01 2016

For the central North Pacific, between 140W AND 180:

Three tropical cyclones occurred in the central North Pacific in

The three cyclones that occurred in the central North Pacific basin
in September all moved into the area from the eastern North Pacific.
Hurricane Madeline rapidly intensified to a category four hurricane
shortly after entering the central Pacific in late August, then
rapidly weakened as it approached the Hawaiian Islands in early
September. Hurricane Lester entered the basin as a major hurricane
at the beginning of the month, continued as a hurricane as it passed
north of Hawaii, and then gradually weakened as it recurved and
became post-tropical. Tropical Storm Ulika entered the basin as a
depression, then intensified to a tropical storm during a brief stay
west of 140W, before crossing back into the eastern North Pacific 
where it intensified into a hurricane. Ulika then weakened rapidly
to a remnant low soon after moving into the Central Pacific for the 
second time.

Reports on individual tropical cyclones, when completed, are
available at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) website at

Note, the summary table below only includes tropical cyclones in the
CPHC area of responsibility, and the dates are based on Universal
Coordinated Time, UTC.

Summary Table for the Year 2016 in the Central North Pacific

Name                Dates         Max Wind (mph)  
H  Pali             7-14 Jan        100
TS Celia              15 Jul         40 
TS Darby           20-25 Jul         65 
TD Ivette              8 Aug         35 
MH Madeline    28 Aug- 2 Sep        130 
MH Lester            1-7 Sep        125 
TS Ulika*          27-30 Sep         50       

* Ulika moved into the eastern North Pacific basin 27-28 Sep.


Hurricane Specialist Unit