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submitted a surf report
2 years ago
Playa Hermosa:
June 07, 2016 – After a few days of some steady rain that is very much needed, the skies have cleared a little bit. The estuaries are filling up slowly and the natural life surrounding us seems to be happier – singing, chirping and chattering. As far as the surf goes, the last long period swell has faded and we now have short period swell along with calm to light onshore winds. Normally, the winds onshore really mess up long period waves, but with the short fetch of wind off of the ocean combined with short period waves, the surf quality is still okay for fun sessions – that is if you have the right board. I would not have paddled out today on a 6´thruster, rather, a 5´6´´ quad fin board better for surf that has a softer lip. That being said, the inside section was catching underneath waves coming in at about shoulder high with a good wall for hitting the lip hard. Plenty of availability right now in the new place and the pool is almost ready! Thanks for looking…
3-4+ ft
Semi Glass/Bumpy
Nothing special
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