Stuff I Paint

The board thats painted here is my used 6'4 quad that i got over the winter, the other stuff is just my paintings and concepts for surfboards. I really love drawing waves - and I get alot of my ideas from the music that I listen to while I paint.
  1. Oil
  2. just a mural
  3. I got really bored in law so i drew that on my arm.
  4. I wanted to paint my deck so i used sharpies... I sealed the life out of it but after two sessions it was faded. sharpies suck
  5. Mom i cant clean my room! its art!
  6. Dont give my a bic pen and expect not to be drawn on!
  7. My friend had me make this for her little sister
  8. This was my first time using acrylics
  9. I did this with some crayons and no idea what i was doing i kinda just put on a playlist and closed my eyes... so this is what ever came into my head...
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