My personal favorites- give me feedback.

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Of all the photos I've posted, I have some personal favorites. Please don't hesitate to tell me if my picks were wrong or right, but don't forget to tell me why as well. Thanks!
  1. Position
  2. SpongeOC made a smooth transition to fiberglass, and he likes it.
  3. Howling offshores and inconsistent closeouts made for a frustrating afternoon session
  4. A unique wave warp- not backwash- was not uncommon for this morning swell.
  5. Mark Bodolus
  6. Ted Smith
  7. Mark Bodolus
  8. Mike Lawson
  9. George Smith- Bayside Surfboards, now riding a Walden
  10. JT Hazard
  11. Classic Jon Ashton
  12. Grinder
  13. Run
  14. Drop
  15. OC Inlet
  16. Speed
  17. Gift
  18. Unweighted- Roy Harrell (the younger) draws a smooth line with finesse.
  19. Stoehr PhotoOp
  20. My twice broken Ashton Showboard- an all time favorite single fin.
  21. Sightline
  22. Wave
  23. Backside
  24. Cutback
  25. Duckdive / LipLaunch
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