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  1. I was surfing a spot a about a mile south of La Jolla Cove. My restaurant overlooks the cove, the shores and scripps, so I probably saw you =) But yeah, we are lucky out here. The cliffs and the reefs in LJ were going off that weekend. Great stuff. Let me know next time you come out. I have some really fun spots you might like. Especially when its OH+
  2. Dude I was just in San Diego over the Valentines/Presidents Day weekend!!! Surfed Windensea and La Jolla Shores and had tons of fun! But you San Diegans are so spoiled- the water is friggin 60 degrees and people are paddling out and saying "It's a bit chilly this morning." Hahaha =] Compared to high 30 degree waters, 60 degrees is like a tropical paradise. Where were you surfing this past weekend? Maybe I saw you...
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