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  1. dude. try putting the pics in the gallery cuz more people will see them compared to an album.
  2. idk. its a song by this band black stone cherry and i thought it was pretty cool. haha.
  3. why is your name rainwizard
  4. o ok. hahah
  5. hahahahah no way i toke like 6 pictures and they ALL sucked
  6. arne u should put up those pictures u took in like december or january or liam and darren and all of us. well the good ones at least, cuz i remember u said most sucked ,but their were a few good ones.
  7. Ya either that or we need summer to come sooner.... man do I miss the summer. so great.
  8. ha yeah dude i need to get a suit really soon!
  9. o ok. hahaha. nice.
  10. hahahah in vinny's backyard
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