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  1. dude do you have a myspace?
  2. ive surfed with Conner before he was out there one day we surfed shorebreak till after dark and my board hit me in the head and i had to get stitches
  3. no i havent but i do on the weekends surf up at c street and when i do im with my boy connor lester and so on and so fourth. and finally i wanna know whats ur problem for being a smart ass?
  4. yeah you and conway back each others **** up
  5. oh dont beleive me then i klive directley across fromn the sunspree im sure youve surfed with evan barton joe cheshire drew dalton just to name a few jackass ohhhhhh and i forgot wb has a super secret break man no-one knows about it
  6. and oh yeah good job on the surf spots.
  7. guess what me and conway we back each other up.
  8. oh and stop being butt hard for conway
  9. c-street birmingham mercers south end mase shut up ***** I LIVE ON WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH i surf in front of sunspree learn some facts b4 u talk
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