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  1. That was very low of me... I should not have been so rude. My comments were rude and very base. I over reacted to jesting banter. Sorry.
  2. Wow your really creepy... like Mr. Rodgers/ Dateline creepy. I really hope your joking, but i have the feeling that your not. I mean dude hitting on a minor??? try hitting on women your own age.
  3. there is actually no innuendo lol, and there will never be a video - and I swim a mile a day but im probably not going to go out just because Its OCM and its not designed for big waves. You have SICK mind by the way
  4. Your inuendo is getting too hot for me to handle. btw, still waiting for that vid

    But in all seriousness if you do go out please be careful, surfing is only fun when you're not drowning.
  5. How so?? im not lol im a tiny little blonde (who is slightly fearless).
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