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Conversation Between Beach Blonde 25-6-4 and SKiM Surf Shredd

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  1. hey how's life?
  2. its ightt im was getting ready to leave anyway so i can get ready to skim in high tide i will probably ttyl ur pretty kool and i feel like a creep ta swells r down there today.lkin to u with out knowin u but i really am not a creep so ttyl. let me know how the swells r down there today
  3. actually im 17 to i put in 1991 in stead of 92 im actually going into 12th to next year will be my first year at Philadelphia of the arts for college. any i would take them with my phone but i cracked the lens so my getto enV 1 cant even take a pic and what i have been doin is using airbrushes alot i love useing them especally to do getto graffiti on my board i think it looks sick. but other wise i always use oils for murals and other off board drawings.
  4. i will one i get my new camera when i first joined the hrvst skimboard team they let me do my own design on my board and it look sick. I will probably get my new one soon i had a big fancy one that was water proof and **** and i had it in the back bed of my hummer pick up and some asshole in an ford pickup smashed into the back of me and the camera broke but when i get my new one i will do. and i also did air brush on my dritbike and atv and they look pretty sick one has monster graphics now and the other has rockstar. so like how old r u and what grade r u in?
  5. if your online i responded to what you said on my page lol.
  6. i got your post, and what a small world! Ya im trying to start a little underground business. I have alot of friends who do graphic, it takes alot if dedication. I personally and tech-tard lol... you should post some of your work
  7. honestly i dont know the streets but i have skimmed alot by the pier and if u have ever gone to a skim comp then i probably met u there but even if we have never met it is nice to meet u to lol. so where do u live during the school year
  8. i surf the pier and when the waves are decent i do tow in on the assateague sholls with a couple of buds. i used to surf the north end when i was dating this girl morgan from down there and then when that stopped i switched my spot. but anyway i ride for hrvst skimboards so u could know me from there. But i actually live in bethany beach and my real name is john david but if u know me u would know me as JD so yea hit me up when u get this and let me know whats going on down there bc i am still in bethany i am going to ocmd on saturday afternoon bc this storm danny is going to slightly pick up the waves but i dought it does anything like last weekend
  9. Im only here for the summer and I have never surfed down in those spots but I basically live out of k coast... i dont know maybe you could have seen me there. I dont think we have spoken lol. Have we? Well if not then nice to meet you! Im really racking my brain, have you ever surfed/ skimmed on 30th 36th or 119th?
  10. i also just read ur profie so u paint boards?! thats what i am going to go to school to do im going to the Philadelphia art institute and majoring in being a graphic designer but that pretty sick that you are already working on boards. so how old are you and what grade are you in? im 17 and im going into my senior year
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