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  1. Thanks for the info, good luck
  2. Wow sorry i just got this email. well i got in to drexel, and although its not on the beach, its in philly and about 45min-1hr drive to the beach depending on traffic. i live in S. Jerz and Drexel is pretty sweet. Steeepp price though, roughly 50gs... so try to find some scholarships or hold a few car washes.... but its a really good school with a great sci school and theres co ops there where its basically a paid internship(my friend made 16g in 3months). hope this **** helps
  3. Hey I saw in one of your posts you mentioned that Drexler is a good surf school... what do you know about it? Im looking at colleges right now, and they sent me offers but I dont know much about it. Im interested in poly sci, what about you?
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