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  1. Nothing is new with me... BTW how close are you to the ocean , im suprised that happened!
  2. yea so whats good?
  3. oh that sucks!!!
  4. yea well it washed my new shed away with my new boat motor in it lol
  5. haha it serves them right!
  6. assutuge isnt closing out i went in it was sickk but ikno in bethany beach the new 2 million beach replenshiment is gonee
  7. Ya its scary, too bad they are all close outs. I wonder what the damage is to the beach
  8. have you seen this sh*ttttttttt there hugeee
  9. Hey, good to hear you got a new car, and that the design worked out... I take it you miss DE lol . The eye thing could have gone both ways. So hows everything going? BTW eves dropping much lol , how far back did you go?
  10. hey guys i was readin through ur convo so u got a BMW? thats cool i totalled my hummer and no i bought a new EVO if u know what that is. and whats up rachel its been a while? i changed my idea about my board i went with a big design of the sate of delaware pic on it its pretty sick ightt hit me up!!! u to "ripsurfin"
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