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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to do them myself first and see how they come out. I learned how to do hot coat repairs from a buddy down in Costa and he's really meticulous. If I botch them, I'll take them somewhere, but I doubt they would take the time to sand a repair down to 1000 grit and then polish with rubbing compound. cheers.
  2. Yeah no problem . Tylers are a really nice board . Very old school and are very glidy. I dont know where u are but I would take it to Jamie and Heritage in OCNJ he does the best board repair and resto work I have ever seen . He get all my repair work
  3. Thanks for the encouragement to get the Tyler. I need to get some hotcoat over a couple of spots but it's gonna be a fun board!
  4. Kool man let me know hoe you like it . With that suit be prepared to stay out for more the 1.5 hours. I can stay out for 4 hours on really cold days before I start to get a chill
  5. Hey Matt, Thanks to you, I just ordered up a hyperflex 5/4/3 suit. I've been going out (infrequently) in my 4/3 with a 1/2 mil skin suit under it. I've only been lasting 1.5 hours or so. Definitley looking forward to the hyperflex. btw, I'm also a longboarder. Cheers, Drew
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