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  1. There will be guys from all over are area showing there footage of themselves and there boys...... all spectrums of surfing too..
  2. yo I heard surf and adventures in sandbridge is going to do a movie night for the guys in this area. I think Nov 13th. Live music drinks food and they got a big screen to play movies on. You should edit up some footage for this or burn this to dvd and play it on the big screen. Prob be pretty fun....

  3. yeah bud sick video.

    in the future you might want to consider just saying wishermans island. I'm not mad or looking to tell you what to do or anything like that. Just Imagine pulling up to these waves and there packed like obx or something. only in due time it will happen... You already have over 1,000 peoples attention now just by the view count. send um to fishermans cuz that wave sucks a nut.

    Glad you guys are scoring and thinking outside the box. I surfed all the hurricanes over there this season. Mental.

    def aint posting the footage on swell info tho. and if i did I would say MD or DE or Fishermans ahahaha. all good bro see you guys in the water soon

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