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  1. Walden make some nice boards I never ridden one but I see alot of people with them and they seem to be happy . I would get a Fun board or a mini log if you just wanna cruise around. Also look into a few of the local shapers in your area , they can hook you up aswell
  2. Hey Matt,
    Newbie here ( longtime lurker)...question fo r you re: a funshape if I may... I'' looking at. I am of intermdiate level ( surfed in the 80's and got back into it last 2 years, even made it to Bocas for 10 days last winter) . I'm 5 10" , 180..and I'm looking for a board to cruise on ( no rippin' w/ me) . lot of float and easy to you have any views on a 7"2 Walden Mini Magic or even the Walden Super Wide..I surf in DE and OCMD w/ occasional trips to OBX. Any info MUCH appreciated.

    Thanks, ERIC/Annapolis, MD
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