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  1. What's up Bro? If you're going to Nosara, hit me up, I lived there for a season and may be able to hook you up with a place to stay cheap. Also, if you want to rent a car in San Jose and drive to Nosara, make sure you do it during the day time. With National Rent a Car (CR) you can rent in San Jose and return it in Nosara for an extra $50. If you have short boards, you can fly from San Juan to Nosara for about 100 bones on Sansa or Nature Air, but you'll still need a cab ride. A fun place to stay if you're travelling alone or with a bud is the Ricky Carroll surf school, they have packages, will hook you up lodging food and beer, and they'll videotape you while you're in the water. They're a fun crew.


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