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  1. Greetings Soulrider! You just saw we became friends? That was a while back dude! You must be a busy guy with school, surfing and all. ;-) All the tropical surf pics I've posted have been from a Nicaragua (Dale Daggers Surf Camp) surf trip I took back in April 2009. Heading to El Salvador with both my sons and a friend from Cape Hatteras in May of this year. At least I'll get to post some pics on here from somewhere else tropically speaking when I get back. We're all looking forward to the warmer waters and no-snow-there too! :-) Awesome area to learn how to surf, Rodanthe! All I had was Miami Beach. Took a while for me to build up to surf speed in those South Beach parts. Although, there was always those "up coast" trips to Reef Road and Monster Hole when "almost" nobody surfed 'em to enhance what little one knew. ;-) Oops, "dating myself" as some would say. Otherwise...only 79 more days till 'Cane season! :-) Have a great NE Atlantic corridor surf day!
  2. hey man just saw we became friends! i just really dug your pics of wherever that tropical stuff was.. dang snow in NC.. weird i learned to surf in rodanthe haha i go down almost every year.. we just had some killer surf here today. looks like yesterday and today you guys got some too.. good luck man
  3. Just saw your friend request today while posting a pic. I accepted. Hope I did it right, although I guess I did otherwise I wouldn't be talking to you at this moment.
    Have a nice Boston Mass day. It's snowing here (again) along the coast of NC.
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